Academic Street Smarts: Informal Professionalization of Graduate Students

Price: $23.00

Classroom Research: Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching

Price: $42.00

Creating an Effective Assessment Plan for the Sociology Major

Price: $6.00

Distance and Cross-Campus Learning

Price: $18.00

Graduate Student Instructor and Teaching Assistant Program Development: Materials for the Selection and Preparation of Teaching Assistants in Sociology Courses

Price: $19.00

Humanist Sociology, 'Professing' (Fifth Edition)

Price: $17.00

The Internship Handbook, Second Edition (E-book)

Price: $10.00

Models and Best Practices for Joint Sociology-Anthropology Departments

Price: $7.00

National Standards for High School Sociology

Price: $10.00

New Faculty Discuss Academic Job Searching

Price: $7.00

Peer Review of Teaching: Lessons from and for Departments of Sociology

Price: $30.00

Preparing Future Faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences: A Guide for Change

Price: $15.00

Preparing Graduate Students to Teach: Syllabi and Related Material from Graduate Courses on the Teaching of Sociology (E-book)

Price: $12.00

Report of the ASA Task Force on Sociology and Criminology Programs

Price: $5.00

Sociology and General Education

Price: $10.00

Teaching Sociology at Small Institutions

Price: $5.00

The Social World of Higher Education

Price: $63.00

The Sociology Major in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Curriculum, Careers, and Online Learning: A Report of the ASA Task Force on Liberal Learning and the Sociology Major

Price: $10.00

Thinking About the Master’s Degree in Sociology: Academic, Applied, Professional, and Everything in Between

Price: $5.00