Preparing for a Career on the Alt-Ac Track

September 26, 2019
1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Brandy Simula (Emory University)

Many sociologists work in non-faculty positions at colleges and universities, what is referred to as the “alt-ac track.” In this webinar, Dr. Brandy Simula will discuss the range of alt-ac careers available to sociologists, strategies for preparing for this career track, and the rewards and challenges of these careers. Drawing from her work experience as well as her research on professional identity development, Dr. Simula will help current graduate students, faculty advisors of graduate students, and sociology PhDs at any career stage understand how to prepare for and secure an alt-ac position.

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  ASA Style Guide, Sixth Edition

The sixth edition of the ASA Style Guide is the authoritative reference for writing, submitting, editing, and copyediting manuscripts for ASA journals and other publications following ASA's unique format. This revised, updated edition features guidelines for the most common situations encountered by authors and editors. New features include revisions to reference formatting and additional information on grammar, as well as expanded information on the use of electronic , digital, and social media sources.

The sixth edition also includes guidance for online manuscript submissions, preprints, and updated reference examples. Coil binding. 163 pages, March 2019.



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